Virtual Ensemble

Please submit all videos by
Wednesday, July 15

Follow these links to get to the sheet music and recording tracks for each piece. But wait! Read the info below first!

Individual Piece Links

Teach Me to Fly

General Guidlines:

1) Wear a solid color shirt- please no logos or busy patterns!

2) Make sure you are well lit and there are no extra noises in the room you are recording in (children, fans, etc)

3) Record video in LANDSCAPE- not portrait!

4) CHOIR – The Videos are Part-Dominant – Listen to Your Voice Part Video, and you will hear your notes played above the other parts in the recording. You’ll be able to view the music as the video plays.

4) ORCHESTRA – You will all use the audio click track found on each page. All pdfs will be available under the audio track.

5) Try to be as accurate as possible, but don’t fret if there are a couple mistakes, if you have to stagger breath, or hold a note too long or too short- all that can be fixed in post-production.

How to record:

1) You will need 2 devices to make your video- one to listen to the track through headphones while you sing and one to video record yourself with. You HAVE to use HEADPHONES to listen to the track- all we want in the video you record is your voice, no accompaniment. Important* – You should be listening to the part dominant video or the orchestra click track through your headphones (or earbuds! those are fine too) while you record so everything lines up! If you don’t we won’t be able to use the recording as it won’t line up with everyone else’s.

Helpful Hint* – Use your computer with headphones to view/listen to the video/track, and use your cell phone to record your video.

2) With your video camera oriented in LANDSCAPE, begin recording your video. Then, press start on the device you are listening to your track with then the introduction will start. Make sure you are standing in place when the introduction begins.

3) Wait a couple seconds after the track is finished playing before moving to stop the track so that you are standing in place throughout your video.

How to submit your videos:

The best way to get submit your videos is to download them to a google folder and share the link with me. Others have also shared cloud links with me. If you need guidance with submitting files, I’m here to help!

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